Welcome to Better Digital Artist!

To start on the right foot, you need an explanation:

We love 3d artists here. So we had that crazy idea a while ago to have a chat with a bunch of talented ones, and try to get to know them better and learn from them.

The result is a gold mine of advices and resources that we wanted to compile to share it to the world and to our new visitors, thanks to top 3d artists like Ian Spriggs, Cornelius Dämmrich, Pedro Conti and many more.

By downloading this file, you'll have access to a free PDF containing top tips and tricks from the top 3D artists of the world. Pretty good deal isn't it?

You'll also have access to our newsletter, where you'll get by email all our new portraits and articles (1 or 2 emails per month).

If you don't want yet this resource, you can also come back to the website by clicking here

Have a great reading, and happy renderings 🙂


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