Tim Razumovsky – Aurora Noir

Tim Razumovsky is a digital artist from Tel Aviv, Israel, who has created a ambitious project called Aurora Noir, a serie of retro-futuristic illustrations.

The result is a successful mix of pictures, 3D and digital painting. I especially like the design of the train. I would definitely love to seat in it!

Therefore, there’s a great atmosphere which shows through those 4 images, and a kind of hope for the future. Whenever it will be a world full of robots, we will still be – in a way – human. In fact, Tim demonstrates that we will still need to catch our train, and to take care of our dog (even a robotic one). That’s a relief isn’t it? 🙂


Tim Razumovsky - Aurora noir - Aurora Express
Tim Razumovsky - Aurora noir - Motel

Tim Razumovsky - Aurora noir - Distrut
Tim Razumovsky - Aurora noir - Home

Tim Razumovsky - Aurora noir - Aurora Springs Hotel

Tim Razumovsky - Aurora noir - Aurora Springs Hotel

Tim Razumovsky - Aurora noir - Aurora Springs Hotel


This Aurora Noir project reminds me the T-13S serie of Sebastien Hue, who is creating a personal world in a galaxy far away. He is adding from time to time new images to this project. In a way, it’s a great idea for any artist to create a concept that could give some new ideas to explore. If you invent a new world, you have potentially dozen of ideas that can come to your mind: who are my characters, what are they doing, where are they, what will they do? Hmmm…

Otherwise, Tim Razumovsky defines himself as a digital painter, concept artist and illustrator, working for films, games and commercials. He has a great set of works that you can see in the links below. He seems to like as much digital painting as doing more traditional 2D illustrations. That’s a great combo in fact. Drawings skills can give you a great sense of composition and an eye. That’s more than ever a precious skill to enhance.

Anyhow, find more of Tim’s works below and please have a look:


Tim website: https://www.timrazumovsky.com/

ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/timrazumovsky/profile

Behance: https://www.behance.net/timrazumovsky