Billelis – Digital Portrait #2

Billelis is a 3D artist, illustrator and animation director, living and working in the UK.

Billelis has a unique style, a combination of dark environment, gothic art, iconic items, precious metals, well served by a great sense of composition. He has plenty of artworks displayed on his website: . Don’t hesitate to have a look

Now let’s ask Billelis some questions. And don’t forget to download our free guide of the best tips & tricks from our 3D Artists interviews.


Billelis – Digital portrait of a 3D artist

 Hi Billelis. Can you describe yourself to the readers ?

I am a freelance 3D Illustrator and Art Director residing in the UK. Billelis is an artistic alias which originates from my younger years of graffitiing and wall-tagging as a teen.


Tattoo Series


 I wanted to get in touch with you after seeing your last artworks. This mix of darkness, skulls and gold is awesome. Can you describe your projects and what is your intention behind ?

I love the beauty in dark subjects. I try to decorate dark and often evil subjects as decorative and intricate compositions. I am highly inspired by religion, gothic art, baroque and classic arts.


Mandala II


Mandala II


Mandala II


 Do you have a regular workflow ? Which tools do you daily use and why ?

I love creating detailed mood boards. Through the years I have created libraries of all the objects, materials and models I use, resulting in a faster workflow. Adobe CC and Corona Render are my main tools.


 I really liked how you light your scenes. It’s really close to traditional photography and very realistic. How do you achieve those results ? 

Can’t share much here as this is what makes my work unique but I create my own HDRI lights from places I have visited.


Tattoo Series


Mandala II


Mandala II

 I read on your Behance profile that you were a graffer in your early days. Can you explain us what you were doing at the time ? And is there any connection with your current 3D projects ? 

I was getting in trouble painting walls as a teen and trains ahaha. It’s what started my artistic carreer.


Carpe Noctem II


 Where does your inspiration come from ? Do you have any tips to stay inspired ?

Always collect inspiration. Try to adapt and evolve but stay true to the things that inspire you.


Mandala II


 What cool tricks could you share for 3D beginners illustrators ?

I use very flat cameras in my work resulting in a more illustrative feel and view.


Mandala II


 Are there any great references like artists you love that you could share with us ?

Bosslogic, Luke Choice, Justin Maller, Depthcore etc…


Mandala II

 Do you have new upcoming projects ? 

I have one personal project called Origin inspired by nature and Native American art, alongside loads of book covers and client commissions.


Carpe Noctem II


  Anything else ?

I can’t stress the importance of creative networks and social media in promoting your work.



Thanks again Billelis for this interview!

Dear readers, I strongly advise you to go have a look at his beautiful website :

You’ll find plenty more of his works. Billelis is also on Behance : and on all creative networks, like he advises you to do 😉


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