Omar Aqil – Digital Portrait #6

Omar Aqil is a great talented 3D artist from Pakistan, who likes to play with typography, shapes and colors.

Recently, Omar started some ambitious still-images based on Picasso works, and I do believe Picasso would have loved his works. He also made some amazing typography works.

Let’s learn more from him! And don’t forget to download our free guide of the best tips & tricks from our 3D Artists interviews.


Omar Aqil – Digital portrait of a 3D artist

  Hello Omar! I’m glad to have you here! Can you please describe yourself to the readers?

Hi! Thanks for considering me. I am Omar Aqil,  a 3D Illustrator, CGI artist and Art Director from Pakistan. I work as a freelancer for the last 10 years.


Figurative Portraits – Omar Aqil




“Picasso is my favourite artist”



Let’s talk about your last artworks about figurative portraits. I really liked the ones based on
Picasso. Where does this idea came from? Is he one of your favourite all time artist?

Well the ‘Figurative Portraits I & II’ is one of my favorite artwork series and it’s absolutely inspired by Picasso’s portraits. In this series, I have explored and played with random complex shapes and forms to exaggerate the different expressions of faces. Every shape has its own complexity, and intersects with other ones to give birth to new forms. I always try to experiment with new abstractions, I still learn things from Picasso’s artwork. Yes, the Picasso’s work inspired me a lot : he is my favourite artist.

  I also see the influence of other artists in your portraits, like Arcimboldo for the volumes and shapes, and Dali for the crazy compositions and textures. Am I correct?

Yes, you are right, I have studied these two as well and learned a lot from their work too. I really love Dali’s artworks and really want to reimagine his work in the future. I have a routine in my daily life to explore the great old master’s work.


Mimic – Omar Aqil


Mimic – Omar Aqil


Mimic – Omar Aqil


Mimic – Omar Aqil 


Mimic – Omar Aqil


Mimic – Omar Aqil





I’ve never bound myself into one specific style.

I always try to explore new things



  Your past artworks were strongly based on typography. Now you seem to do more shapes and creative/colorful shapes. Do you feel like you are evolving in your art ?

I have done lots of experimental works in typography. It’s my attractive medium, and I feel comfortable with it. But now, I want to try some other mediums as well. I’ve never bound myself into one specific style, I always try to explore new things. I think the more you learn, the more it will be reflected into your work.

Reneon – Omar Aqil


Reneon – Omar Aqil


Reneon – Omar Aqil


Mask of Egoists – Omar Aqil


Mask of Egoists – Omar Aqil


Mask of Egoists – Omar Aqil

  Do you have new projects upcoming? new portraits?

Yes, I have lots of projects upcoming. I am working on some really crazy execution of my next MIMIC III series.

  What are your artistic goals for this year and in general?

I am trying to explore new tools to enhance my execution skills, and I also plan to work on my MIMIC series with different international artists. I really want to combine the experience of visual mimicry of the great old master’s work with other current artists, because I have learned lot of things from their artistic philosophy.




  What cool tricks could you share with 3D beginners?

Collect your inspirations and pay attention to works of your favorite artists / Learn new techniques regularly / Visualize things and draw on paper first.


Signatures 2016 – Omar Aqil


Signatures 2016 – Omar Aqil


Signatures 2016 – Omar Aqil


  You’re the first artist from Pakistan that I have the chance to interview. What looks like the digital scene in your country? Do you have great artists that you can share with us? Any events?

Well I belong to this country, which has a diversified cultural history and is really rich in its arts and craft. I think digital art is growing very fast in Pakistan. We have indeed great talents in the 3D industry, and we are hosting the ND2C (National Digital Design Conference), which is the biggest digital design event of the country. We also regularly organize review weeks with Behance.


Whatever you do, see things differently



  And are there any great references of international artists you love that you could share with us too?

There are many artists, but Chris Labrooy, Rizon Parein, Peter Tarka, TAVO, Antoni Tudisco works really inspired me.


Chris Labrooy


Antoni Tudisco


Rizon Parein




  Do you have anything else you would like to add? To share?

I just wanted to say that you should work hard and try experimental things till you achieve the perfection in your work. Whatever you do, see things differently, never be afraid of the failures,  and keep learning.


  And to conclude Omar: what are the three things you would have loved to know when you started 3D?

The Lighting, Composition and Modeling : these things which help me to start 3D.


Many thanks Omar for this interview!

You can find the works of Omar Aqil on his Behance here, and on his Instagram here

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