Kevin Beckers – Digital Portrait #9

Kevin Beckers is a dutch 3D artist, who seems to like cats and 3D. And that’s more than enough for me to have a chat with him!

Kevin is a 3D character developer freelancer from the Netherlands. He has a great portfolio mixing characters and animals. We will talk about his profile, his technic, his love for Zbrush and his projects. Let’s go Kevin!

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Kevin Beckers – Digital portrait of a 3D artist

  Hello Kevin and thank you for this portrait. Can you describe yourself for the readers?

I am a freelance 3d character developer, I enjoy turning concept art into high quality 3d models for rendering or animation. I always try to take the concept from a 2d artist, and elevate it, with respect to the original design, into something the concept artist would be proud to see.


EWaste Hero – Kevin Beckers


  I discovered your Pirate Cat illustration a few days ago and loved it. Can you tell us where did this idea come from?

So I was just browsing my Facebook, which I have turned into a constant feed of great artist work, and I scrolled past this sketch from Creaturebox, and it just clicked, it was a simple pen sketch, but I just fell in love with it, so i immediately dropped everything i was working on and started working on this piece.


Pirate Cat – Kevin Beckers


  To achieve this result, what were the most complex technical steps?

I think getting the fur right was the trickiest part. For that, I used Ornatrix for it, and I love Ornatrix.
But in that build I was struggled. I was getting a lot of crashes while grooming, and issues with the clumping, losing its values after I saved the file. Luckily, people at Ephere did some great support and they patched those problems halfway through the project after I pointed them.


Pirate Cat – Kevin Beckers


Pirate Cat – Kevin Beckers


Pirate Cat – Kevin Beckers


  Can you tell us about the software you’re using and why?

I do almost all of my modeling in Zbrush. It’s just the best 3D tool ever for me.
I use also Substance painter for all my texturing, the 2nd most amazing tool for my type of work, and Redshift for rendering. I used to use Vray on 3ds max at my previous job, but I moved to Redshift because of its speed.

” Create 10 mouths or ears from scratch

over the course of 2 weeks and see how much better #10

looks compared to #1 “



  I had already come across an older illustration of you: Rock D’s cat. Another cat? Do you like this animal especially?

Hmm not in particular, I like animals in general, I also have a chimp and a couple of dogs, dinosaurs etc… burried in my “work in progress” folder. The cats just made it out first (they are fast little buggers after all)


Rock D’s cat – Kevin Beckers


Rock D’s cat – Kevin Beckers


  If you had to help a beginner to start the character sculpture, what would be your advice?

Just the same advice as you would give someone practicing guitar : keep at it, you will get better.
Sculpting is very much something you need to practice, its not reliant on how well your technical knowledge of the software is, learn form-language, volumes, shapes, create 10 mouths or ears from scratch over the cours of 2 weeks and see how much better #10 looks compared to #1.


The Spider Rider – Kevin Beckers


  Regarding your inspiration, can you give us names of artists whose work you particularly like?

Well, my fellow portraiter Ian Spriggs is a big hero (Better Digital Artist : see Ian Spriggs portrait). I watched his lecture recently on Youtube and was super inspired. He went deep into his projects and I loved it, and he seems like a cool dude (Better Digital Artist : I confirm).
Vitaly Bulgarov is of course a legend. Rafael Grassetti, who is the art director of God of War, did the new Kratos. His works inspired me to work on my latest free-time project. I’ve got his images plastered all over my whiteboard.


Vitaly Bulgarov


Raphael Grassetti – Kratos


  Do you have any current or future projects that you can talk to us about?

As I mentioned, I’m working on my version of a Chimera soldier (from resistance fall of men on ps2/3, taking my time to really polish it, and quite a bit different from my usual stylized style. Other than that, I have too many things, (I have a 3/4 finished Ironheart model, an alien cartoony mexican style vato, etc…)


  Do you want to add one last thing to our readers?

If you made it till here you managed to get through my ramblings, and I salute you for it.


Some more projects from Kevin Beckers :



Thanks for your time Kevin Beckers and this great interview ! 🙂

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