Dmytro Teslenko – Digital Portrait #8

Dmytro Teslenko is a great 3D artist from Ukraine.

Actually, I found his portfolio few days ago on Behance, and when I saw his beautiful 3D mantis. I knew I had to interview this great digital artist: what a hell of beautiful picture he just did!

Dmytro Teslenko loves insects and living things. He masters obviously realism and technics, and it’s always for me a great pleasure to see a mentis on macro close-up. We have so much to learn from nature, and Dmytro imitates it with great skills. Let’s learn more from him!

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Dmytro Teslenko – Digital portrait of a 3D artist

  Hi Dmytro ! Can you describe yourself for the readers ?

Hi, first of all, thanks for this portrait, it is an honor for me. As you know, my name is Dmytro. I live in Ukraine and I really love all kind of 3D graphics. I am a 3D artist mainly focused on nature, animals, fishes, insects and so on. My career started at a small video game company. But soon, I started to realize that the game industry wasn’t my cup of tea… I prefer working on movies and advertisement.


Whale – Dmytro Teslenko


  I’ve discovered some great 3D animals, and especially your last artwork Ghost Mentis on your Behance account. Why do you like so much animals in 3D ?

You know, nature everywhere in the world is so wonderful; I can find so many shapes, and huge difference between those shapes, between anatomy, it is truly exciting. You don’t even expect how many insects are living around our feets.


Lion – Dmytro Teslenko


Lion – Dmytro Teslenko



“For sculpting, ZBrush is definitely the best soft in this category.

Actually for me, this is the greatest software “



  Can you explain to us what softwares and render engines are you using and why ?

Around 12 years ago, my career started when I started to learn Blender. I remember this moment : school time, first experience… At that time, it was really hard to learn something, you didn’t have as many tutorials as today. It’s true : now you’re able to learn anything much faster! The next software in my life was Cinema 4D. But really soon I got in touch with 3ds max, and this is still my main tool. I also tried to use Maya, but it is definitely not my workspace.

For rendering, I choose Vray, because it is a simple and powerful tool and I don’t have any plans to change my software. For sculpting, I choose ZBrush, and it is definitely the best soft in this category. Actually for me, this is the greatest software.


American Eagle – Dmytro Teslenko


American Eagle – Dmytro Teslenko


American Eagle – Dmytro Teslenko


  Let’s talk about your last artwork Ghost Mentis. Can you explain to us what were the main technical steps to achieve this project ? What was the most challenging part of this artwork ?

The Ghost Mantis is the first insect project for me by the way, and actually, it was done a year ago. But only now I did some renders and shared it in my portfolio. First insect project, but not the last one. In this artwork, I used classic technics. First of all, I created a base mesh in 3ds max. Then, I exported my mesh into ZBrush and give it details. After this, I textured in Mari, completed all the parts in 3ds max and finally rendered it with Vray. I didn’t even use images for post processing after rendering the image in Vray, so the workflow is simple and classic. If we talk about the most challenging part of this artwork, it is definitely patience, because this object has so many details and requires a deep attention to texturing and sculpting.


Ghost Mantis – Dmytro Teslenko


Ghost Mantis – Dmytro Teslenko


Ghost Mantis – Dmytro Teslenko


Ghost Mantis – Dmytro Teslenko


Ghost Mantis – Dmytro Teslenko


Ghost Mantis – Dmytro Teslenko


Ghost Mantis – Dmytro Teslenko



“No need to have perfect skills to create spectacular artworks “


  This artwork is really amazing, because it’s really really realistic, and the textures are incredible. What can you say about this project in particular ?

Yes, you know, this animal is a really nice example for modeling. He looks like a creature, has a really nice and difficult silhouette, and his eyes are so stunning. The perfect object for artwork. No need to have perfect skills to create spectacular artworks



T-Rex – Dmytro Teslenko


Rhino – Dmytro Teslenko



Rhino – Dmytro Teslenko


Anoplogaster cornuta – Dmytro Teslenko


Anoplogaster Cornuta – Dmytro Teslenko


  Did you have upcoming projects ? Any new works ?

Yes, I am working now on a wolf model, and it is gonna be a great model with a full anatomy, skeleton and inner organs. But it won’t be for now because I’m working on my own projects only on holidays. Also, I have an idea to continue working with insects and create a fly and grasshopper models, and probably I will combine this objects into one artwork in the future. I think it will be a feeding time for Mantis 🙂


  Where does your inspiration comes from ?

You know, I get the powerful inspiration impulse when I see my projects in digital and physical magazines. Any success is the great signal to continue what you do.


  Anything else to add to this portrait ?

The last thing I wanted to say is to select the objects for artwork primarily you like most of all.


Thanks for your time Dmytro Teslenko and this great interview🙂

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