Mike – Creative Mints – Digital Portrait #21

Mike is a czech digital artist who lives and works in Prague. I wanted to have a chat with him, because:

  • he is a superstar of design on Dribbble
  • he has an amazing portfolio full of great websites and digital content
  • he is a former photographer
  • he loves 3D and put some into his projects

Let’s dive into the world of Mike! And don’t forget to download our free guide of the best tips & tricks from our 3D Artists interviews.


Mike | Creative Mints – Digital portrait


  Hi. Can you describe yourself for our readers?

Hello, everyone! My name is Mike, I’m a designer, illustrator and art director also known as Creative Mints. I spend most of my time in Prague, although you can find me and my works in all corners of the globe – from Hong Kong to New York.

I’ve been doing design since I was 17 – frankly as long as I can remember 🙂

I love to experiment with various styles and techniques and constantly strive to learn something new.



” I always recommend 3D beginners

to start with Octane + Cinema 4D combo “



  First of all, you define your agency (Creative Mints) as a « boutique human-centered design agency ». Can you explain your definition of « human-centered design » and how you apply this concept in your works?

For me, “human-centered design” means focusing on human nature, people’s wants and needs, no matter if I create a web site, a deck of cards or a logotype for a candy brand. You can see more and more examples of such design out there – creativity meant to help people rather than showcase itself.

I think this concept is best illustrated through my work:

Screenshot of work of Mike - Creative Mints: Kids Tv Channel

Screenshot of work of Mike - Creative Mints: Music web site

Screenshot of work of Mike - Creative Mints: Moments matter



  What strikes me the most in your dribble account is the multiplicity of very very cool works. Congrats! I mean, all clients don’t want a shiny website with 3D elements and micro-interactions. How do you manage to keep a high level of creativity with your clients?

To be honest, I don’t have any cliché or pre-set solutions which I’d try to sell to my clients. My designs are always created to address the specific needs of the client, hence the diversity you see in my portfolio.

For example, while creating the GRAND: Blueberry Vodka design I took the target audience interests into consideration (barmen, enthusiasts, clubs, cocktails, etc.). Obviously, heavy bold illustrations or abundance of color would be entirely redundant here so the work is pretty minimalistic:

Shot of Blueberry Vodka done by Mike - Creative Mints

Shot of Blueberry Vodka done by Mike - Creative Mints

Shot of Blueberry Vodka done by Mike - Creative Mints

Shot of Blueberry Vodka done by Mike - Creative Mints


And vice versa, if we speak of a candy packaging for an exclusive mini bakery, completely different principles work here:

A logo from Mike - Creative mints for a candy character


You can trace the same principles in various branding projects of mine, too:

Various branding logos

Various branding logos

Various branding logos

Various branding logos

Various branding logos


  It seems like you’re using 3D in some of your projects. Is 3D important in your workflow? How did you learn it?

3D does play a big role in my work. I always recommend 3D beginners to start with Octane + Cinema 4D combo. I myself use different software combinations and gained skills in 3D, like many other artists, through tutorials and online courses.


  Another important part of your style is the great use of colors and clarity. Is it something you learned from game design?

I’d actually say my great interest in photography which has helped me a lot in this. Take pictures as much as possible – it trains your eye, a great sense of color and composition, general taste, too! I think I would have been a pretty ordinary designer if it wasn’t for my passion for photography.


  Which parts in design do you like the most?

I love the research stage when a project starting to come into sharper focus. First vague and unclear my vision of design becoming more clear and obvious – those are undoubtedly the best moments.


  Which softwares do you use and why?

Honestly, software question doesn’t bother me all that much. I’m a quick learner and if need be I try to master the software I need to get things done.

There is a number of programs I use on a daily basis though – Octane, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Studio, Vray, Lightroom, After Effects.


  Who are your clients?

I work with clients from all over the world.


  Do you have any resources to advise beginners?

To refine your aesthetic taste and find your own voice I’d suggest to Behance and Pinterest, these are great go-to resources! Create and fill your own boards with things which make you feel inspired and stuff you’d like to be surrounded with in your everyday work.


  Where do you find inspiration?

Travel, attending conferences, mingling with people! See the world, take pictures – the inspiration is all around you!


  Do you have other artists that you admire and who inspired you?

Dieter Rams for sure, Paula Scher (I’m a huge fan), Ilse Crawford, GMUNK and many others!




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