Mickael Lelièvre – Digital Portrait #22

Mickael Lelièvre is a french character modeler who lives and works in Montréal, Canada.

I discovered his impressive works for the first time on ArtStation : he has done a lot of really badass Pokemon with an attitude! And not only, as you will see through his amazing portfolio.

Let’s dive into the world of Mickael ! And don’t forget to download our free guide of the best tips & tricks from our 3D Artists interviews.


Mickaël Lelièvre – Digital portrait

  Hi. Can you describe yourself for our readers?

My Name is Mickael Lelièvre. I live in Montreal and come from Nantes, France. I did Fine Arts, Design and 3D Studies.

In 2011, I started to work as freelance 3d artist, mostly for architecture purposes. I started to work in the TV/movie industry for TAT Production in 2012.

Today I’m senior Character modeler for PureArts. I sculpt for collectible and I do some freelance concept art beside.


How to train your Geko by Mickael Lelievre

How to train your Geko


  What is a typical day at your office?

A Typical day is quite simple at the office. I open the gates, yes I’m a morning guy, and I start my computer.

I’m currently working on multiple subject but I can’t tell you what for know.. But I can say that i’m working on 1/4 scale resins and some pvc figures for some big names ^^. So each day I open ZBrush at 8am and shut down at 5pm.



” I receive most of my freelance jobs

from Artstation, Linkedin and Instagram “



  You seem to like a lot Pokemon? Why such a crush for it?

Ahah!! Yeah, Pokemon is a great part of my childhood. I’m from the first generation (kanto starter) and I played on Nintendo 64 too, Pokemon stadium!! So yeah I really love this universe and really kept that in mind. And I think this is a really good subject for 3D exercise purposes. I stopped after the gold and silver version, but today I like to remind those creature and recreate one from time to time.


Magikarp by Mickael Lelievre


Bulbasaur by Mickael Lelievre


Blastoise by Mickael Lelievre


Venusaur by Mickael Lelievre


Heracles by Mickael Lelievre


Caterpie by Mickael Lelievre



  You seem also to be very active on social networks. Is it part of your creative process to share and comment your works?

Yeah, I think it’s very important. First because you need to be alive on those networks : if you want the industry to come and ask you if you want to work for them, you need to show what you create in a lot of places. I receive most of my freelance jobs from Artstation, Linkedin and Instagram.

And secondly, I think it’s important to show and see what people think about your artwork : sometimes, you can get some really cool advices, ideas or simply interactions with anyone from the 3D industry or not.

I think once you posted your artwork, you can start another one. Once you posted it, it’s like you’ll never come back to it. Don’t be attached to your artwork. So just beeing able to say : “even if I’m not 100% happy with it I’m going to share it anyway” is the best way to be more productive, and you’ll be able to look back and see the experience you get, step by step.


Turtle Ninjas by Mickael Lelievre

Turtle Ninjas


  Which parts in 3D do you like the most?

My favorite part is sculpture and posing : you can create something that doesn’t exist or only in your mind. You can make it alive and believable. Cartoon or realistic, you can confront your first thought and the final render, and it’s a really unique feeling to discover for the first time your creation. And now it’s even more unique with the 3D Print possibilities!!



” This whole thing is not a race, it’s a walk.

There is no finish line, just progression. “



  Which softwares do you use and why?

ZBrush for the sculpt, V-ray for rendering on 3dsmax, and Photoshop for compositing. I’m learning Substance Painter, and want to learn Blender again (I’m rusty on it ).


Velofrog by Mickael Lelievre


  Do you have any resources to advise beginners?

Artstation started some free classes, FlippedNormal are on youtube, ZBrush have a lot of Zclassroom video… there is a lot of things on internet now. I would say that you can take a look at Anatomy for Sculptor too.

The thing is to be patient and work each days, there is no secret, practice and fight the bad feelings about your art.


Turtle Ninjas in pose by Mickael Lelievre

Pose of 4 turtle ninjas


  Where do you find inspiration?

Mostly mother nature, and I love gardening : it’s a second passion. You can observe a lot of details and great shapes on insects and plants.

I love the work of some traditional sculptors like Nick Bibby, Simon Lee Spider Zero and many others.

And I watch all the awesome artists on Artstation, and that gives me some fuel to surpass myself.


  Do you have any tips to help 3D artists to stand out of the crowd?

This whole thing is not a race, it’s a walk. There is no finish line, just progression. The other artists and you are together and not against each other.


  Do you have other artists that you admire and who inspired you?

A lot!! Ah ah! I admire a lot of people!

If I can say some of them :

and more !


  Thanks Mickaël for the interview! You can find more works on Mickaël Lelièvre Artstation portfolio