I wish I had this guide early on


I'm Nicolas Delille, 3d artist, and owner of Better Digital Artist. During my time as a 3d artist, I've done some great things:
  • - several award-winning illustrations
  • - masterclasses for 3D Artist Magazine
  • - got advertised by Maxon (editor of Cinema 4D) with my illustration "Ladybug Journey" on international 3D magazines for the promotion of their new release C4D
  • - a Guinness Book World Record


But things weren't as successful day by day


I had, like many of my fellows 3d artists friends, many ups and downs. I always struggle to keep my clients and get new jobs regularly. I had great skills I guess, but I forgot just one thing: you should never put your money in one spot, and diversify. What does that mean?


I was only earning money from my 3D illustrations. That was my only source of income


Maybe you're like me? And if you're very successful, that's fine. But if you start your career now, don't have much money, and you don't have any visibility and backlinks to your website: any income as small as it can be can really be helpful. My advice is: you must find ideas and new places to earn money, otherwise, you'll be in trouble very soon. And two reasons :
  • you won't be able to chose your projects: you'll have to accept boring and silly jobs to get money
  • your clients will feel that you don't earn much and will take advantage of it
At the end of the day, your portfolio won't be as great as you'd wished to, you will hate what you do, and you'll be stressed like me every day about your bank account. After all, you like art and 3D, but the point is to enjoy what you do, and earn money to get a decent life isn't it?


Are you a digital artist? Do you need additional income?


Being a 3d artist and make a living by his art is hard. You are in a competitive field, full of great talents from all over the world, and you have to make your place at any cost. But being a 3d artist also opens you to new perspectives that don't spontaneously come to mind. That's what this free PDF is all about: helping you to find new ideas to diversify your income, and having a successful digital artist career.


That's what this guide is all about. Hope it would help you to find new paths for your career


Best of luck! Nicolas - Better Digital Artist




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