Greyscale Gorilla – Freelancer’s Guide

Today, I found on my Twitter feed a blog post from GreyscaleGorilla, dedicated to freelancers, called The Freelancer’s Guide to surviving and thriving when working at home.

Besides its genuine title, this post details some of the worst mistakes you can do as a freelancer, and I’ve done them all actually xD

So if you’re starting your journey as a freelance artist, you may want to read it first 🙂

I think the best advice I could give to you now is to prioritize your time and keep an agenda with daily routines. You can use cool tools like Trello to keep a track on what to do next and in the following days, and to write ideas aside in it. Personally, I hate to find a cool idea for my work and forget it few hours later.

And most of all, take the best advices from the best in the industry. You can download our free guide showcasing some of the best tips and tricks from top 3D artists.

Good reading,