How can I make better renders?


That’s an haunting question for many 3D artists, beginners or not.

There are many aspects that you need to master to follow the path of famous 3D artists.

You need to :

  • make great compositions
  • perfect modelisations
  • create stunning materials
  • master light like no one
  • know your rendering engine perfectly well


But few people will tell you the fundamental role of post-production.


And there is more:

Would you believe me if I say that even your imperfect 3D renders could look way better with simple steps?

And if I tell you that I won prizes with 3D illustrations with bad modelisation, poor light, standard materials? Thanks to post-production of course. Would you believe me also?


That’s why I decided to create this free video series: 7 days to make better renders!


For 7 days, you’ll get an email containing each time a free private video showing you some very cool and useful tips and tricks to enhance drastically your renders with Photoshop. You won’t believe how simple some adjustments can be done that will transform forever your illustrations. Trust me on this


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