Best Books for 3D Artists

How to progress as a 3D artist? I do believe that some books are essentials to get better.

I’ve listed below all the best books for 3D artists that I warmly recommend, for topics like:



Figure Drawing - Design and Invention | Michael Hampton

Great book for those who want to draw the human anatomy. Michael Hampton knows exactly how to draw bodies in motion, and how to teach it. You'll discover that you should forget about straight lines and try instead to draw energy and tension with curvy lines.

Personally, I don't believe this book suits best for real beginners: you have a great introduction about how to construct a body, but it's getting harder quickly, and can become frustrating. A great book that would fit, in my eyes, intermediate learners.

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Figure Drawing for Artists – Making Every Mark Count – Steve Huston

Light for Visual Artists – Understanding & Using Light in Art & Design – Richard Yot

Creating Stylized Characters – 3D Total

Artist’s Drawing Techniques – DK


Anatomy :

Anatomy for the Artist – Sarah Simblet // Review of Better Digital Artist

Anatomy for 3D Artist – 3D Total

Anatomy for Sculptors – Understanding the human figure – Uldis Zarins/Sandis Kondrats


ZBrush :

Beginner’s guide to Zbrush – 3D Total

Zbrush Characters and Creatures – 3D Total

ZBrush – Digital Sculpturing Human Anatomy – Scott Spencer

ZBrush Character Creation: Advanced Digital Sculpting – Scott Spencer


Traditional Sculpture :

Portrait Sculpting – Anatomy & Expressions in clay – Philippe & Charisse Faraut

Figure Sculpting Volume 1: Planes and Construction Techniques in Clay – Philippe Faraut

Figure Sculpting Volume 2: Gesture & Drapery Techniques in Clay – Philippe Faraut

Mastering Portraiture Advanced Analyses of the Face Sculpted in Clay – Philippe Faraut

Sculpting the Clay – Dave Brubeck

Beginner’s Guide to Sculpting Characters in Clay – 3D Total


Lighting Technics :

Lighting for Product Photography: The Digital Photographer’s Step-By-Step Guide to Sculpting with Light


Art Fundamentals :

The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide – 3D Total

Art fundamentals – 3D Total

Interaction of Color – Josef Albers and Nicholas Fox Weber