Best Books for 3D Artists

When you want to progress as a 3D artist, some books are essentials.

I’ve listed below all the best books for 3D artists that I warmly recommend, for topics like:


Drawing :

Figure Drawing – Design and Invention – Michael Hampton

Figure Drawing for Artists – Making Every Mark Count – Steve Huston

Light for Visual Artists – Understanding & Using Light in Art & Design – Richard Yot

Creating Stylized Characters – 3D Total

Artist’s Drawing Techniques – DK


Anatomy :

Anatomy for the Artist – Sarah Simblet // Review of Better Digital Artist

Human Anatomy for Artists – The Elements of Form

Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist – Stephen Rogers Peck 

Anatomy for 3D Artist – 3D Total

Anatomy for Sculptors – Understanding the human figure – Uldis Zarins/Sandis Kondrats

The Artist’s Guide to the Anatomy of the Human Head – Defining Structure and Capturing Emotions – 3D Total


ZBrush :

Beginner’s guide to Zbrush – 3D Total

Zbrush Characters and Creatures – 3D Total

ZBrush – Digital Sculpturing Human Anatomy – Scott Spencer

ZBrush Character Creation: Advanced Digital Sculpting – Scott Spencer


Traditional Sculpture :

Portrait Sculpting – Anatomy & Expressions in clay – Philippe & Charisse Faraut

Figure Sculpting Volume 1: Planes and Construction Techniques in Clay – Philippe Faraut

Figure Sculpting Volume 2: Gesture & Drapery Techniques in Clay – Philippe Faraut

Mastering Portraiture Advanced Analyses of the Face Sculpted in Clay – Philippe Faraut

Sculpting the Clay – Dave Brubeck

Beginner’s Guide to Sculpting Characters in Clay – 3D Total


Lighting Technics :

Lighting for Product Photography: The Digital Photographer’s Step-By-Step Guide to Sculpting with Light


Art fundamentals :

The Ultimate Concept Art Career Guide – 3D Total

Art fundamentals – 3D Total

Interaction of Color – Josef Albers and Nicholas Fox Weber