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Nicolas Delille - Owner of Better Digital Artist

I’m Nicolas Delille, french 3D artist freelancer and former art director in advertising agencies : //


Want to contact me ?

Feel free to send me an email at :

My profile

I’m passionate about 3D, always reading new articles, watching new demos all the time. I produced during the years some online tutorials to help people getting to know better Cinema 4d and Vray4C4D, and some masterclass tutorials for 3D Artist magazine.


And what about Better Digital Artist ?

Learning 3D by tutorials and getting to know your 3D softwares as best as you can are essentials. And you know what ? I dedicated years of my life as a freelancer to master Cinema 4D and Vray the best I could, eating every day any available tutorials.

But I found too that creating amazing artworks, the ones that people are willing to share immediately on the social medias, the ones that can get your hired by a great company or a client, is a big step further.

So what step is then required ?

Well, in my mind, there are steps, and there are many. Like composition, drawing skills, lighting understanding, post-production technics, and anything that will skyrocket your artwork to the next level.

That’s the goal of Better Digital Artist. Showcasing amazing artworks and artists from all around the world, delivering tips and tricks that you can apply to your works. Everything that will give your some great inspiration and examples to follow to get better and make better artworks.

Don’t think you can’t achieve the level you wish. Talent is 5%, the rest is hard work, blood, tears, and at the end : satisfaction 🙂

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