Portrait of Nicolas Delille

Hi there guys!

I’m Nicolas Delille, french 3D artist and former art director in advertising agencies.


My profile

I’m passionate about 3D, always reading new articles, watching new demos all the time.

I like to create all the time, to find a new exciting idea, and to try to make it for real with my computer.


My background

I studied art direction at school, and mostly with great senior art directors in advertising agencies in Paris.

During that time, I was lucky enough to see a lot of artists portfolios of any kind, meet great artists and creative people, and learn a lot.

When I started 3D in 2010 by myself, I didn’t know that it would become a passion.

I dived into a new world full of great artists & illustrations, which leads me to become one of them.

I then dedicated all my time to learn all the art fundamentals and technical knowledge to make great content and share it to the world.

My goal

I like to watch what all digital artists are doing, in any disciplines. That’s why I decided to do this blog: to show my discoveries and the artists I like, and help them to make a living from their art.


Want to contact me ?

Feel free to send me an email at betterdigitalartist[at]gmail.com



Don’t think you can’t achieve the level you wish. Talent is 5%, the rest is hard work, blood, tears, and at the end : satisfaction 🙂