#5 big mistakes 3d artists make (and how to avoid them)

Actually, I wish I read this article when I began. I made those 5 big mistakes like a lot of 3D artists. And you probably will too πŸ™‚

After all, when you begin, you have so many things to take care of: money, clients, career, personal projects… You can miss important things.

If you don’t have the time to read this article, here is what you should do:

  • have a look at Google Ads and Facebook Ads to speed up the popularity of your illustrations quickly
  • analyse your website closely. Use tools that can check deeply your website like Site Checker, and remove any dead links and problems on it. Add your website to the Google Search Console, a free tool by Google that will help you check your website, and know how people can find it
  • feed a personal blog that will help increasing your illustrations visibility. It’s also a great way to enhance your knowledge on 3D topics, and talk to new people around subjects that you like
  • try to contact influential artists from the 3D community that you like
  • put your name on all your images, fill in the alt tag of every image on your website,Β and put watermarks on them too


Otherwise, let me explain to you…

So here is the deal:

We all live in a competitive world with many great artists and tons of amazing artworks everywhere. In the middle, your works have to be found. And I am sorry to tell you that you’re doing a big mistake: you’re using the same strategy that everybody else does.

You have a CGSociety and a ArtStation account at least. You’re maybe on Behance, Dribbble, DeviantArt, and also have an account on a digital magazine like 3D Artist Magazine or 3DTotal. And of course, you have your own website.


The mistake isn’t that you’re using those websites. The mistake is that you’re only using them to promote your work, like every 3d artist does.

You’re desperately spamming the web with your images that people could see and comments while they appear onto their screen. Unless your image gets viral, after few days, it will get swallowed by the hungry internet, who loves to digest tons of them, and never show them again. Your traffic goes down, slowly and irremediably. But you already know that right?


Why does this matter?

Do you like to work two months on the artwork of your life – the one that will make a change for your career – for a one day exposure only? or do you want to make money and find clients with this masterpiece for a long time?

I hope you will choose the second answer, because I made the rest of my post about it πŸ˜€


So now, let me explain now in depth. Here are 5 big mistakes 3D artists are doing:

1/ You don’t promote your work enough or inefficiently

Most of you submit their last work on the most popular 3D galleries. You share a post or two about it on Twitter, Facebook, and that’s it. Great

But guess what: you could do way better

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that promotion is important. But it’s not really important: it’s crucial

Even a great content needs a great promotional campaign.

But what can you do to promote efficiently your new illustration?


You must use Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

If you want more traffic on your website, you can look for a particular audience who likes the same forums and websites as you do, and target them with your page containing your new illustration. You can also find new clients. Just target people who works in the 3D industry are who are always looking for new freelancers.

You can setup a newsletter on your website, which could be a great idea to catch some potential clients, and increase your visibility for your next illustrations. People can like your works very much and never see you again. Don’t miss that opportunity!

And by the way, there are tons of ways to increase your visibility: dig in right now!


2/ You don’t use SEO technics for your website

You’re a client. You need someone to do your job. You have two options:
– you can go on a big community like CGSociety and look around on the available online portfolios
– you can go on Google and enter something like “3D artist portfolio zbrush”, if the client needs a digital sculptor

If he uses Google, he will never find you.


Why is that?

Because many 3D artists never fully optimize their website to be found on Google. And I guess your website looks the same


And you know what?

I’ve done the same mistake… I didn’t realize it for a long time… My home page (my home page!!! OMG…) was named: “Home Page”… Not even “Nicolas Delille – Home Page”, only “Home Page”.

Google is clever. But not enough to guess that if someone enters “3D artist” in the search bar, my website can be found in the search listing. Even though I have a decent portfolio and I am a 3D artist…


So how can you actually use this?

From this moment, go to your website and check out 3 things:
– your title
– your meta description
– your keywords


But wait? Did I tell you what means SEO? It’s “Search Engine Optimization“. It’s a set of strategy and technics that you will use to rank your website better on Google πŸ™‚

Think it like: How could you put informations onto your website that will let people find your website? Sounds clear?


Now we can continue…

Your title is the name of your website + some precious keywords aside.

The length of your title should be between 15 to 65 characters, and you must put keywords that people while search for. For example, if you are John Doe, a brilliant character designer, your title could be “John Doe – 3d artist, character designer – 3ds max, Vray, Zbrush”. 64 words, and you have several keywords like your name, your profession, your speciality and some popular softwares you’re using.

The meta description is what comes next. It’s the description of your website. You can go to 160 words approximately. Go and put keywords inside it. Explain what this website is all about.

The keywords are the words that will lead people to you. If you’re a baker, it would be a good idea to use “bread” “bakery” “baker” and “flour” in the body of your website. Google will look for those keywords and you’ll get a higher rank.


Feel free to experiment. Go to your Google Analytics Dashboard and see if you have won some organic searchs.

There are many ways to boost the traffic of your website by using keywords that are particularly efficient for you.


But here’s one more thing:

The keywords that you might have in your mind could be different to those people are looking at on Google. You can use the Keyword Planner tool from Google to get the most searched keywords


3/ You don’t feed your personal blog regularly

A blog is often a trial that dies pretty quickly. Few artists like to share. If you’ve chosen to express yourself with your illustrations, why should you write?


For three reasons:

– it will show to your audience that you know what you’re talking about
– it will increase the visibility of all your contents
– you will be able to share your articles on social medias and gain audience

And you don’t need to post everyday. Google seems to like a better a long article to short news that don’t give any value for the reader. Try to share some knowledge. If your article is good, trust me: people will share it.


4/ You don’t contact influential people

If I was a singer, I would love to chat with Madonna or Chris Martin about their success. In the 3D community, you have influential people that you can reach, but have you done it already?

With Better Digital Artist, I have access to many great artists. And most of them are happy to talk and share. Don’t be scared that someone could steel your technics. The technic is one thing, the ideas, the execution is what really defines you as an artist.

I strongly advise you to find the people that you like, and send them a kind message asking them some advices. You’ll be surprised…


5/ You don’t name your images properly – You don’t use watermarks

As a 3d artist, I’ve always been shocked to see that people can write article and use your images without asking you the rights. And they can make mistakes on your name, or the name of your illustration. Or worse: they don’t write credits…


Why does this matter?

You’ve done most of your work, and people are willing to share it. Great! But don’t you want to be sure that will share the right name of your illustration and your name? It’s important for Google. And it’s your art after all!

You should lock that now.

On your website, name your images properly: “John-Doe-The-Amazing-Spiderman.jpeg”, and in the alt attributes, explain what it is, and put your website address inside. Ultimately, use Photoshop or any Photo filter on the market to put a watermark on the bottom with your full address. Now you’re ok to go


6/ And you could do that also:

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